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My name is Tomasz Wolak, I'm a front-end web and app developer.

I am an ISTQB-certified Automation Test Engineer with a passion for creating high-quality, user-friendly, and responsive web applications. Leveraging my extensive programming experience, I bring products to life by combining creativity with problem-solving skills.

I adhere to requirements, manage priorities, iterate, and deliver on time. As a full-stack engineer, I can translate your vision into code, delivering a first-class product. I communicate complex technical concepts in an easily understood way, ensuring you are always informed about the development process.

I specialize in Java, JavaScript, TypeScript, and React, with strong proficiency in Node.js, Express, JUnit, Selenium, and Rest Assured. I am constantly improving my knowledge, sharpening my skills, and learning new technologies and frameworks. Please check out my projects to see the quality and scope of my work.

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UI/UX Design

I am able to recreate complex designs to pixel perfect quality and create gorgeus designs on my own, I am able to provide suggestions to potential customers on a number of solutions to best fit their needs.



I am able to write clean, maintainable code and I work with a variety of tools to deliver tangible and high quality products. I am proficient in JavaScript, TypeScript and C#. I utilise mainstream methodologies such as BEM.


Mobile Development

I develop mobile apps using React Native, I build fully responsive apps that look great and work on both Android and IOS devices.


Code Testing

I am able to write thorough and concise unit tests using Jest software, to ensure that no feature remains untested before being implemented into the branch I work on.


Version Control

I utilise git and github for version control in order to maitain the source code responsibly and to enable repo maintainers to check my code before it is merged.



I have a familiarity with backend technologies such as node.js and mongoDB and I understand the relation between front and backend, which I am able to apply in the professional work enviroment.



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Hi there, If youre interested in getting in touch, I would suggest filling out the following contact form, it sends the message from you straight to my email and is the best way of making sure that the message is recieved and read in a timely manner. You may also contact me via my socials, I try to check them reguraly but might take some time to respond.

Scunthorpe, North Lincolnshire, UK


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